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Javascript: Is there a simple way to pass data from one webpage to the other?

I have one .html file where I click some checkboxes and store some data on an array.

All I need is to pass the array data to one other .html file.

Searching the stackoverflow I found some answers, for example "How to pass javascript object from one page to other".

From what I figured out one way is to use Web Storage API and specifically the Window.localStorage.

The problem is that we have a deadline until tomorrow and I am trying to avoid studying a whole new API.


Here's an example using basic HTML and querystring manipulation without using localStorage or sessionStorage, although these are actually very simple APIs and worth looking into.

HTML1 (sender):

This page will get the string representation of an object and then escape its content for transport in the query string.

var obj = { givenName: 'John', familyName: 'Doe', age: 45 };
function passToNextPage() {
    window.location = 'test2.html?' + escape(JSON.stringify(obj));
<button onclick="passToNextPage();">Pass</button>

HTML2 (receiver):

This page unescapes the querystring and then parses the JSON text as an object, ready for use.

    var json =;
    json = unescape(json);
    var obj = JSON.parse(json);