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How to retrieve string of keys out of nested map at same time

I have a nested

of student info that looks like this:

} //family
} //student
} //family
} //student
] //class
}//overall Map

where(above) - {} represents a Map
- [] represents a List

I'm trying to retrieve the info like this:

std::string student0Name = l_mapClassOfStudents[std::string("class")][std::string("student")][0][std::string("name")]; //see error message about operator for [ before student

However, I'm getting no operator [] matches these operands. This is at the [ right before student in the line above.

I saw this list inside map, but it doesn't say how to get items out.

Answer Source

If the students are in a list, use front() to retrieve the first element:

std::string student0Name = l_mapClassOfStudents[std::string("class")].front()[std::string("name")];

I think a better structure would be something like

typedef map<string,string> Student;
typedef list<Student> Class;
typedef list<Class> School;

Lists are usually used for iterating through. Alternatively you could use vector instead of list to access them by number:

typedef map<string,string> Student;
typedef vector<Student> Class;
typedef vector<Class> School;
cout << thisSchool[3][2]["name"]; // name of the 3rd student in the 4th class, if thisSchool is of type School (and enough classes and students exist)
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