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Upload Big ZipArchive-MemoryStream to Azure

TL;DR: Is it possible to upload a big MemoryStream to Azure as chunks on the fly while zipping?

I have files which get saved into a

, I add these files to a
in another MemoryStream.

This MemoryStream I want to upload to an


So far so good.

The Problem now is, that the Zip-Archive might get bigger then 8GB which is a problem with the MemoryStream.

Is it possible to upload parts from the memory-stream as chunks to azure, and remove these bytes from the Stream?

Or is there a better approach to deal with zipArchive and azure?

For zipping I am using the class
in the Package

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Answer Source

It may be not exactly what you are looking for, but did you try to do something like this:

var blob = container.GetBlockBlobReference("zipped.zip");
using (var stream = new ZipArchive(blob.OpenWrite(), ZipArchiveMode.Create))
    var entry = stream.CreateEntry("entry1");
    using (var es = entry.Open())
        // Fill entry with data

    // Other code

When you call OpenWrite of CloudBlockBlob it creates an instance of CloudBlobStream that works in a different way than MemoryStream. CloudBlobStream sends data to Azure Storage Service in 4MB chunks, as far as I remember it doesn't save old chunks into the memory.

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