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PHP Question

How safe is it to send a plain text password using AJAX?

Maybe the title is badly phrased but couldn't think of a better way of saying it.

I am working on a login system at the moment (nothing formal, just experimenting) and was planning on using PHPLiveX (an AJAX library) for some features. Basically you create some PHP functions which are then called via JavaScript. You can add parameters (getElementById) to the JavaScript that are transfered to the PHP function.

What I really wanted to know is whether it is safe to just call the function from JavaScript without encrypting the password first, then letting the PHP function encrypt it (SHA256 in this case). Can the data transfered via AJAX be intercepted? If so how likely is this?

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No more-or-less safe than a normal HTTP POST request issued by a browser (as in from a <form>)

The "fix" for this is the same "fix" for non-AJAX requests - use SSL.

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