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Intel SGX development on older generation of Intel processor

Is it possible to do Intel SGX development on the older generation of Intel processor that does not have SGX support with some simulation environment?

I tried to install SGX SDK which installed correctly but could not able to install SGX PSW as supporting Intel SGX processor is a hard requirement for it.

I wanted to develop and learn simple SGX application.

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You may try OpenSGX and QEMU.

You may also use the SGX SDK in Simulation mode - try the sample enclaves from the SDK directory, you don't need the SGX PSW to run them.

Apparently, Intel has an emulator (mentioned in 2015 by Microsoft) but it is not available to the public. In addition, because that emulator was not performant, Microsoft decided to create their own emulator/windows driver (that is not available neither) to implement their Haven project.

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