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Java Question

How can I parse string using square brackets as a delimiter in Java?

I have a class that parses ZonedDateTime objects using

to get rid of all the extra information I don't want.

My Question: Is there a way to use square brackets as delimiters that I am missing, OR how do I get the time zone ([US/Mountain]) by itself without using square brackets as delimiters?

I want the String timeZone to look like "US/Mountian" or "[US/Mountian]

What I've Tried:
Ive tried
but those both give me

I've also tried
but those just give me errors.

(part of) My Code:

//We start out with something like 2016-09-28T17:38:38.990-06:00[US/Mountain]

String[] whatTimeIsIt = wholeThing.split("[[-T:.]]"); //wholeThing is a TimeDateZone object converted to a String
String year = whatTimeIsIt[0];
String month = setMonth(whatTimeIsIt[1]);
String day = whatTimeIsIt[2];
String hour = setHour(whatTimeIsIt[3]);
String minute = whatTimeIsIt[4];
String second = setAmPm(whatTimeIsIt[5],whatTimeIsIt[3]);
String timeZone = whatTimeIsIt[8];

Answer Source

Using split() is the right idea.

String[] timeZoneTemp = wholeThing.split("\\[");
String timeZone = timeZoneTemp[1].substring(0, timeZoneTemp[1].length() - 1);
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