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How to authenticate with Rest-client based on HttpClient and .net4

Been elaborating a bit with HttpClient for building a rest client. But I can't figure out, nor find any examples on how to authenticate towards the server. Most likely I will use basic aut, but really any example would be appreciated.

In earlier versions (which has examples online) you did:

HttpClient client = new HttpClient("http://localhost:8080/ProductService/");
client.TransportSettings.Credentials =
new System.Net.NetworkCredential("admin", "admin");

However the
property no longer exists in version 0.3.0.

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All these are out of date. The final way to do it is as follows:

var credentials = new NetworkCredential(userName, password);
var handler = new HttpClientHandler { Credentials = credentials };

using (var http = new HttpClient(handler))
    // ...
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