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Android 4.4 Kitkat and second external storage

There has been written a lot about Kitkat external sdcard write permission but it's not clear to me how it works. Unfortunately I don't have Kitkat device with sdcard slot. Question is, can I write to secondary external storage at all? Based on the docs.

Apps must not be allowed to write to secondary external storage
devices, except in their package-specific directories

If in understand it, If I don't have permission I can write to the app specific folder on primary external storage
and to the app specific folder on secondary external storage

and with
I can write to all locations on primary external storage
but I can't write to any location on secondary external storage (except app specific folder)?

Thanks for all answers!

Answer Source

Your analysis is correct, other than assuming that primary external storage is /sdcard (the exact path varies by device, OS level, and user account for Android 4.2+ tablets).

Here are some blog posts that I wrote recently on external storage and removable ("secondary external") storage.

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