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Gensim: How to save LDA model's produced topics to a readable format (csv,txt,etc)?

last parts of the code:

lda = LdaModel(corpus=corpus,id2word=dictionary, num_topics=2)
print lda

bash output:

INFO : adding document #0 to Dictionary(0 unique tokens)
INFO : built Dictionary(18 unique tokens) from 5 documents (total 20 corpus positions)
INFO : using serial LDA version on this node
INFO : running online LDA training, 2 topics, 1 passes over the supplied corpus of 5 documents, updating model once every 5 documents
WARNING : too few updates, training might not converge; consider increasing the number of passes to improve accuracy
INFO : PROGRESS: iteration 0, at document #5/5
INFO : 2/5 documents converged within 50 iterations
INFO : topic #0: 0.079*cute + 0.076*broccoli + 0.070*adopted + 0.069*yesterday + 0.069*eat + 0.069*sister + 0.068*kitten + 0.068*kittens + 0.067*bananas + 0.067*chinchillas
INFO : topic #1: 0.082*broccoli + 0.079*cute + 0.071*piece + 0.070*munching + 0.069*spinach + 0.068*hamster + 0.068*ate + 0.067*banana + 0.066*breakfast + 0.066*smoothie
INFO : topic diff=0.470477, rho=1.000000
<gensim.models.ldamodel.LdaModel object at 0x10f1f4050>

So I'm wondering i'm able to save the resulting topics that it generated, to a readable format. I've tried the
methods, but it always outputs something unreadable.

Answer Source

you just need to use lda.show_topics(topics=-1) or any number of topics you want to have (topics=10, topics=15, topics=1000....). I am usually doing just:

logfile = open('.../yourfile.txt', 'a')
print>>logfile, lda.show_topics(topics=-1, topn=10)

All these parameters and others are available in gensim documentation.

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