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Javascript Question

Building contextify under Windows 7 x64 (for NodeJS jQuery)

I try to get node-jquery working. contextify is one of the dependencies (required for jsdom).

contextify needs to be built somehow using Python. But this does not seem to work on Windows 7 x64. At least one my computer :)

After some readings (#10, #12, #17) and trying some binaries provided by this fork and this one I can get it work ...

I've got the same error from

node-gyp configure
or from
node-gyp rebuild
npm install jquery
) :

info it worked if it ends with ok
info downloading:
info downloading:
info downloading:
spawn python [ 'D:\\Users\\ngryman\\.node-gyp\\0.6.14\\tools\\gyp_addon',
'msvs_version=2010' ]
File "D:\Users\ngryman\.node-gyp\0.6.14\tools\gyp_addon", line 40
print 'Error running GYP'
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
ERR! Error: `gyp_addon` failed with exit code: 1
at ChildProcess.onCpExit (D:\Users\ngryman\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules
at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:70:17)
at maybeExit (child_process.js:360:16)
at Process.onexit (child_process.js:396:5)
ERR! not ok

It seems there is a syntax error ... I am not very comfortable with Python.

Here are my versions :

  • Python: 3.2.3

  • NodeJS: 0.6.14

Anyone have an idea?


Answer Source

I managed to build it, but I can say it was really painful. In fact it was so painful that it caused temporary amnesia and I forgot how I did it.

You need Visual Studio as well, apart from python.

Anyway, I have the binaries, I just uploaded them to gihub:

Just clone that repo, copy what's inside node_modules to your project, and you're good to go!

Update (march 2013)

These binaries are no longer needed (at least not for Win7, with VS2010 installed). jsdom and contextify can now be installed just with npm:

npm install jsdom
npm install contextify

(you still need python and a MS C++ compiler, as mentioned in the requirements for node-gyp)

I updated the repo as well, just in case anyone still has trouble installing.

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