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Perl XS garbage collection

I had to deal with a really old codebase in my company which had C++ apis exposed via perl.

In on of the code reviews, I suggested it was necessary to garbage collect memory which was being allocated in c++.

Here is the skeleton of the code:

char* convert_to_utf8(char *src, int length) {
length = get_utf8_length(src);
char *dest = new char[length];
// No delete
return dest;

Perl xs definition:


char * _xs_convert_to_utf8(src, length)
char *src
int length

RETVAL = convert_to_utf8(src, length)


so, I had a comment that the memory created in the c++ function will not garbage collected by Perl. And 2 java developers think it will crash since perl will garbage collect the memory allocated by c++. I suggested the following code.

delete[] RETVAL

Am I wrong here?

I also ran this code and showed them the increasing memory utilization, with and without the CLEANUP section. But, they are asking for exact documentation which proves it and I couldn't find it.

Perl Client:

use ExtUtils::testlib;
use test;

for (my $i=0; $i<100000000;$i++) {
my $a = test::hello();

C++ code:

#include "EXTERN.h"
#include "perl.h"
#include "XSUB.h"

#include "ppport.h"
#include <stdio.h>

char* create_mem() {
char *foo = (char*)malloc(sizeof(char)*150);
return foo;

XS code:

MODULE = test PACKAGE = test
char * hello()
RETVAL = create_mem();

Answer Source

I'm afraid that the people who wrote (and write) the Perl XS documentation probably consider it too obvious that Perl cannot magically detect memory allocation made in other languages (like C++) to document that explicitly. There's a bit in the perlguts documentation page that says that all memory to be used via the Perl XS API must use Perl's macros to do so that may help you argue.

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