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Knockout JS html binding returning weird code instead of html string

function tournamentViewModel(){
var self= this; = ko.observable();
self.districts = ko.observableArray([new district('Provo',1),new district('Salt Lake City',2),new district('St. George',3)]);
self.district = ko.observableArray();
self.regions = ko.observableArray([new region('Utah',1),new region('Idaho',2)]);
self.region = ko.observableArray();
self.location = ko.observable(); = ko.observable();
self.startTime = ko.observable();
self.image = ko.observable();
self.flyer = ko.computed(function(){return '<h1>''</h1>'+self.image},self);
self.clearImage = function(){
self.tournamentID = ko.computed(function(){return 't_'+self.district+'_'+self.region+'_'}, self);

The above knockout.js view model seems to be fine except for when I want to bind something to the computed observable
. Instead, all I see is the following text:

<h1>function c(){if(0<arguments.length){if(!c.equalityComparer||!c.equalityComparer(d,arguments[0]))c.I(),d=arguments[0],c.H();return this}a.U.La(c);return d}</h1>function c(){if(0<arguments.length){if(!c.equalityComparer||!c.equalityComparer(d,arguments[0]))c.I(),d=arguments[0],c.H();return this}a.U.La(c);return d}

I don't know what's going on here. Below is the binding I'm applying it to. I've tried both html and text bindings.

<span data-bind="text: flyer"></span>

BTW the computed observable
works great and the syntax seems identical. I think the problem occurs when I use
in the computed observable. Any ideas?

Answer Source

Think about it. What do you get? You get the function definition. Because you passed function to your computed. And you need to pass values. You should use:

self.flyer = ko.computed(function(){
    return '<h1>''</h1>'+self.image();

since both name and image are observables (from JavaScript point of view: functions).

I'm not sure why tournamentID is working for you. It shouldn't.

BTW If you are using var self = this;, then you can omit the second argument of computed.

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