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Node.js Question

NodeJS method issue

Resolved: It seems that Mumbai university uses different servers for
different results, which i did notice.

I am writing a script to retrieve my results directly from my university website. But I am facing problems with the "" method in "request" module of NodeJS.

Here's my code

var cheerio = require('cheerio');
var request = require('request');{
headers: {'content-type' : 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded', 'content-length':69},
url: '',
body: "exam_id=4050&exam_year=2016&exam_month=MAY&seat_no=45280208&submit=Go"
}, function(error, response, body){
var $ = cheerio.load(body);
var result = $('b').text();

I get the following output

No Such Seat No!!

But if i send the same post data with Burp I get the correct output as shown in the image below.

Link to image

Please let me know where I have gone wrong and what can be done. Thank You.

NOTE: The shown query is a test query and is not related to my exam id
or seat number.

Answer Source

The URL in your code above point to:

url:     '',

But the image points to:

url:     '',


Posting to get_resultb.php yeilds:

Results for B.E.Degree (COMPUTER ENGG.) (SEM-VIII) (CBSGS) held on MAY 2016

The result of seat number 45280208 is PassedCongratulations.
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