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Perl Question

How to install pp (PAR Packager)?

I have to create an exe from a Perl script. I installed


How do I install pp?

Answer Source

Until the issue with 1.010 is fixed, do the following:

  1. Go to http://search.cpan.org/dist/PAR-Packer/

  2. From the "Other releases" drop down list, select PAR-Packer-1.009 and download it

  3. Decompress the archive, preserving directory structure

  4. Run perl Makefile.PL

  5. Install all the missing prerequisites by hand using ppm. E.g., ppm install Module::ScanDeps etc

  6. Install MingW: ppm install MingW

  7. dmake, then dmake test, then dmake install

Later, you can remove PAR::Packer from the site area using the ppm GUI and install the fixed version.

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