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Absolute URL incorrect when converted from relative URL Android JSoup

I'm trying to parse out navigation links from various sites.

I've been having issues with one particular site which uses a relative format prefixed with

Here is the code snippet with relevant param values in comments:

// url =
// selector = ".next a"
// ele = <a href="./strip/1457">Next</a>
// attr = "href"
Element ele =;
String absoluteUrl = ele.absUrl(attr).trim().replaceAll("\n", "");

Jsoup returns:

when in fact the real link is:

From my understanding Jsoup is giving the correct link here as
refers to the current directory (
) meaning that the anchor is done incorrectly on the site. However Chrome, Firefox and IE all resolve the relative URL to point to the next strip instead of
. Is there any way I can correct for this behaviour without breaking relative URLs in other cases?

Answer Source

The problem:

If you have a look at the header of the html source, you will find:

    <base href="" />

What does it mean?

For all relative urls in the document, this will be used as the base (so this is the current directory ./). See:


Jsoup allready detects the <base> tag and ele.absUrl("href") would (and does, just tested it) return but you are overriding the correct settings with ele.setBaseUri(url);, so remove this line of code.

If you want to handle setting the correct base yourself, just parse the head for a <base> element:

String url = "";

Element base ="head > base[href]").first();

String baseUrl = base!=null ? base.attr("href") : url;

Element ele ="#comic > div > > ul > > a").first();

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