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CSS Question

Override Wordpress CSS

I have wordpress site with some layout.

I need to change some css there, but got troubles overriding it.

Via webbrowser my CSS looks like:
enter image description here

It is places (genetated?) somewhere in theme.

Every time I refresh page I got different 'class-xyz' (on the screen it is: class-GkgfbCohxE) name in #inbound-list

I have added to custom CSS below (changed color):
enter image description here

But this is not loaded.

All structure of this CSS:

enter image description here

Do you know how to enable ovverriding this element?

Answer Source

It depends on the theme and plugin you use.

For my experience, this dynamic inline CSS may come from the page builder you use. If it comes from page builder, please check your page builder and adjust the style.

If you want to overwrite the css, you could simply put !important after the color attributes.

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