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Get ID from URL and send it to PHP via Ajax

So I have a page

. That page has a form which when submitted is sent to PHP via Ajax call

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).on('submit', '#form_name', function()

var data = $(this).serialize();


type : 'POST',
url : 'phpfile.php',
data : data,
success : function(data) {

error: function (request, status, error) {
//or console.log(request.responseText), or status or error;
return false;


I want to get that ID from the URL. I usually just do
(in my PHP file) to get the ID from the URL when I'm not using Ajax, but it doesn't work with ajax (from what I'm experiencing). How do I get That ID in my PHP file?

Answer Source

Two possibilites:

  1. You insert the PackageID as a GET parameter into the url:

    url   : 'phpfile.php?PackageId=<?php echo $_GET['PackageID']; ?>',
  2. You insert the parameter into the JavaScript data object like:

    var data = $(this).serialize();
    data.PackageId = <?php echo $_GET['PackageId']; ?>;

However you do it, at some point you have to output text from PHP inside your JavaScript code.

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