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HTML Question

HTML input text box very small

I'm coding this little pricing script and I would like the user to be able to enter a number value into an HTML text input box.
You can see this script here: https://www.counterboosting.com/input-box-problem/
And under "select number of wins" and "Price: -" you can see a small white box.

This is the code for the box:

<input type="text" id="amount" value="1" size="100">

No matter what size I enter, it is always show small like that. Note that the box shows correctly on small browser sizes such as phones or tablets, or if you decrease your browser width. When you increase the browser width it snaps back into small form like that. Does anyone know the source of the problem?

Answer Source

You have this input inside of a bootstrap row, which is inside another row. Try making the column larger.

<div class="col-md-offset-5 col-md-5">
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