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Play sound on Phonegap app for Android

I try to play an mp3 file. This works if I change the path to the file on my local webserver, but if I run this on an Android device the sound is not played and no error is shown.

I am pretty shure that the mp3 file is not found, but I still don't know how to fix it.

This is the Html


<audio id="successSound" src="/android_asset/www/sound/successSound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" ></audio>
<audio id="errorSound" src="/android_asset/www/sound/errorSound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" ></audio>
<!-- some more UI -->

This is the Javascript


The is the file structure

`-- www
`-- index.html
|-- sound
| |-- errorSound.mp3
| `-- successSound.mp3
|-- res
`-- spec

Edit 1

I tried

<audio id="successSound" src="sound/successSound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" ></audio>

This worked in chrome on my local webserver but not on Android.

I tried

<audio id="successSound" src="" type="audio/mpeg" ></audio>

This worked, but I need to get local files playing

Answer Source

The play method which the HTML5 API provides is useful for playing media files available on the web. Phonegap provides the media plugin to play local media files. I checked out your code and played the sound successfully by making the following changes. Please check at your end.

1.Add the following line to config.xml

<gap:plugin name="" />

2.Replace the lines in index.html

<button onclick="document.getElementById('successSound').play()">Play successSound local</button>
<button onclick="document.getElementById('errorSound').play()">Play errorSound local</button>

with these lines

<button onclick="playAudio('successSound')">Play successSound local</button>
<button onclick="playAudio('errorSound')">Play errorSoundlocal</button>

3.Add the following function to js/index.js

function playAudio(id) {
    var audioElement = document.getElementById(id);
    var url = audioElement.getAttribute('src');
    var my_media = new Media(url,
            // success callback
             function () { console.log("playAudio():Audio Success"); },
            // error callback
             function (err) { console.log("playAudio():Audio Error: " + err); }
           // Play audio;
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