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Change line color of .table-bordered in Twitter Bootstrap

I am styling a number of tables with twitter bootstrap and am using the

class. The default border color is gray, which is good for all my tables except one. For one table, I would like to change this border color to black and also make the lines thicker if possible. I am using less.

I've researched it and found the
variable which I can customize but changing this changes the color of all the tables.

I tried giving the table a class and putting this in the css file:

.differentTable {
@tableBorder: black;

...but that did not seem to change anything (not sure why).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

@tableBorder is a variable, not a property.

You can just add this to your CSS:

.differentTable, .differentTable td{
   border-color: black;
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