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Is there a way to clear HSTS without an SSL cert?

Recently, I switched the server for my site, and I managed to lose the decrypted SSL key, and I cannot remember the password for the encrypted one.
It turned out that the server had set HSTS on, and now many visitors are unable to load the pages since I don't have a valid SSL cert, and their browsers refuse to connect via http due to the HSTS.

So, I need a way to disable that HSTS from their browsers. Asking them to clear browsing data is a no-go, but I was wondering if I could make a firefox/chrome compatible javascript to clear it. (The script would be on a different domain)

I've been digging around a bit, but haven't found much info on how I should approach the problem, if it is even possible. All other suggestions are welcome too.

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HSTS is there to make a tradeoff: you take responsibility to from now and forever provide a secure SSL connection which the browser can count on, which will cause the browser to refuse anything but an SSL connection to your domain. It puts an additional burden on you, but increases security for your visitors.

The browser stores this preference in an internal database which cannot be cleared by any website. If it'd be possible for any site to simply revoke this preference via Javascript, the whole system would be pointless.

You'll have to manually clear the database and/or remove that specific entry. Every browser does it differently, see http://classically.me/blogs/how-clear-hsts-settings-major-browsers for an overview.

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