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Firebase: Cannot upload production APNs certificate

I am currently testing an app in TestFlight and need a production APNs certificate in order to test Notifications in Firebase.

I have followed all of the steps in this video and successfully configured the development APNs certificate:

I've also checked that my steps following the Firebase support guide. Although I note that the Apple Developer site has changed slightly since this guide was written:

I have generated a production APNs certificate at using the same method as the development certificate but when I try to upload the .p12 file to Firebase, it gives me the following error:

"The certificate environment did not match. Ensure that you got the right development or production APNS certificate."

I'm definitely uploading a .p12 generated from a production APNS certificate, is there something else I need to do for a production certificate?

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Solved. The mistake I was making was that I was exporting the "private key" part of the certificate in Keychain Access instead of the "certificate" part. As soon as I re exported the .p12 using the correct item - it worked.

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