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C# Question

Splitting LuisDialog methods (LuisIntents) into multiple files or categories

I'm working on a Microsoft bot framework project where I create a

to interact with the user. I'm probably going to have a lot of different intents which can be sorted into multiple categories.

What is the best way to organize this?

  • Should I make one big
    class with all the

    This seems kind of unorganized to me.

  • Should I make multiple
    classes for each category?

    This might give a lot of problems. What if I have an intent that should be covered by all categories? How can I make sure the user message is checked by every
    ? This is probably not a good idea.

  • Should I make one big
    class that somehow 'includes' methods from other files/classes, where each file/class represents a category?

    This seems like a good idea, however, I have no idea how to do this in C#

If you have other suggestions, please let me know, thanks in advance!

Answer Source

For anyone wondering if there might be a better solution;

Using partial classes in C# seems to be the best solution here, read this for more information.

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