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Java Question

Converting Map<K, V> to Map<V,List<K>

I have map as below

Map<String, String> values = new HashMap<String, String>();
values.put("aa", "20");
values.put("bb", "30");
values.put("cc", "20");
values.put("dd", "45");
values.put("ee", "35");
values.put("ff", "35");
values.put("gg", "20");

I want to create new map in the format
, sample output will be as

"20" -> ["aa","cc","gg"]
"30" -> ["bb"]
"35" -> ["ee","ff"]
"45" -> ["dd"]

I am able to do by iterating through entity

Map<String, List<String>> groupBy = new HashMap<String,List<String>>();
for(Map.Entry<String, String> entry : values.entrySet()) {

List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();

Can this be done better using streams?

Answer Source

groupingBy can be used to group the keys by the values. If used without a mapping Collector, it will transform a Stream of map entries (Stream<Map.Entry<String,String>>) to a Map<String,List<Map.Entry<String,String>>, which is close to what you want, but not quite.

In order for the value of the output Map to be a List of the original keys, you have to chain a mapping Collector to the groupingBy Collector.

Map<String,List<String>> output =
System.out.println (output);

Output :

{45=[dd], 35=[ee, ff], 30=[bb], 20=[aa, cc, gg]}
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