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jquery tablesorter2: How to sort the content of the generated Dropdown

I use the jquery tablesorter2 ( with the filter widget.

Now I want to change the sort order of the values in the generated dropdowns (NOT the table-values) form asc to desc.
I have made a jsFiddle for this:

Here you can find a discount column. I would like to have its values sorted desc, so that the biggest discount is first in the dropdown.

There are some options, but nothing seems to fit:

// each option has an associated function that returns a boolean
// function variables:
// e = exact text from cell
// n = normalized value returned by the column parser
// f = search filter input value
// i = column index

Maybe this is completely the wrong place to do it?

How to achive this?

Answer Source

You can use the filter_selectSource option to target that column (demo)

filter_selectSource: {
  5: function(table, column, onlyAvail) {
    // get an array of all table cell contents for a table column
    var array = $.tablesorter.filter.getOptions(table, column, onlyAvail);
    return array.sort(function(a, b) {
      return a === b ? 0 : parseFloat(b) > parseFloat(a) ? 1 : -1

You will also need to add a "filter-select-nosort" class to the header to prevent internal sorting of the data.

I think I'll make this easier by adding a "filter-select-desc-sort" class to change the sort.

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