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How to test that a form object includes a Form property?

I have a form object that looks like this:

class LeaderForm < UserForm
feature Reform::Form::MultiParameterAttributes

property :title
property :gender
property :phone_number
property :date_of_birth, multi_params: true

property :address, form: AddressForm # need to test this line

validates :title, :gender, :phone_number, :date_of_birth, presence: true

How do I write a feature spec to test whether the
is present?

I already have a working spec to test the other "properties" (title, gender, etc.)

I've tried something like

it 'must have the address form present' do
expect(form.address).to include(AddressForm)

The output of which is

1) LeaderForm must have the address form present
Failure/Error: expect(form.address).to include(AddressForm)

expected #<AddressForm:0x007f89231c3280 @fields={"address1" => nil, "address2" => nil, "address3" => nil, "city" => ni...odel::Errors:0x007f89231c2b50 @base=#<AddressForm:0x007f89231c3280 ...>, @messages={}, @details={}>> to include AddressForm, but it does not respond to `include?`
@@ -1,2 +1,41 @@
+ @_changes={},
+ @errors=
+ #<Reform::Form::ActiveModel::Errors:0x007f89231c2b50
+ @base=#<AddressForm:0x007f89231c3280 ...>,
+ @details={},
+ @messages={}>,
+ @fields=
+ {"address1"=>nil,
+ "address2"=>nil,
+ "address3"=>nil,
+ "city"=>nil,
+ "postal_code"=>nil,
+ "country"=>nil},

Which seems to me like it's almost there but not quite.

I am very new to RSpec in general so sorry if I haven't provided enough information.

Answer Source

I think you're looking for be_a:

it 'must have the address form present' do
  expect(form.address).to be_a(AddressForm)

RSpec maps an unknown matcher beginning with be_, like be_foo, to a method like is_foo?. You could also write (less nicely)

it 'must have the address form present' do
  expect(form.address.is_a? AddressForm).to be true
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