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Git Question

How to checkout a forked pull request locally with TortoiseGit?

I've slowly learned that most git clients, beyond the classic command-line tool, don't allow the checkout of pull-requests from forked repos for local review before merging.

Nonetheless its difficult to know for sure if a client lacks pull request checkout capability. So that brings me to TortoiseGit.

Does TortoiseGit support the checkout of pull-requests from other users' forked repos?

How does one do so?

Note: I don't mean the normal branch checkout process or creating a pull request. I mean checking out a pull request from another user's forked repo.

Answer Source

TortoiseGit->Fetch. Set Arbitrary URL and Remote Branch. Their values are expected to be found in the pull request.

TortoiseGit->Switch/Checkout. Set Branch with FETCH_HEAD. You could create a new branch in the meantime or do it later. If no branch is created, you will be in detached HEAD state.

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