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Accessing custom http response headers in angularjs

Response from server

I am trying to access the header 'error-detail' as you can see in the browser network inspector (link above), the header gets returned. Server-wise I have also added the custom header to the 'Access-Control-Expose-Headers' to allow cross-domain requests as this was suggested to be the fix on other questions.

Below is the request to the server along with the success/error callbacks.

this.signon = function (request, onComplete, onError) {
console.log("Calling server with 'login' request...");

return $http.post("http://localhost:8080/markit-war/services/rest/UserService/login/", request)
.then(onComplete, onError);

var onLookupComplete = function(response) {
if (response.data.username)
//If user is returned, redirect to the dashboard.

$scope.username = response.data.username;

var onError = function(response) {
$scope.error = "Ooops, something went wrong..";
console.log('error-detail: ' + response.headers('error-detail'));

When I try access the response header as seen below:

console.log('error-detail: ' + response.headers('error-detail'));

This only outputs:
content-type: "application/json"
error-detail: null

Is there a reason why the error-detail header is not being mapped over to the response object?

Answer Source

I think you are on the right track. To have access to custom headers, your server needs to set this special Access-Control-Expose-Headers header, otherwise your browser will only allow access to 6 predefined header values as listed in the Mozilla docs.

In your screenshot such a header is not present in the response. You should have a look at the backend for this cors header to also be present in the response.

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