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CSS Question

CSS style my django table

picture of my table

I rendered my table with django table2 and above link how it looks like.

I style it with CSS like this:

thead {
background-color: #4CAF50;
font-color: white;

It looks like the background-color works and it shows green
However the font-color did not turn white. Strangely it is purple/blue. Any idea why?

thanks in advance!

Answer Source

They are hyperlinks (a tag) for which the browser has default colors. You can set the color of hyperlinks like that:

For unvisited links

a:link {
    color: red;

Visited links

a:visited {
    color: green;

Hover over links

a:hover {
    color: hotpink;

Selected links

a:active {
    color: blue;

Or if you want for all the same color:

a {

If you also want to get rid of the underlines you can set the text-decoration property to none:

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