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React JSX Question

Reactjs route for asterisk executes only once

I have a single page app, I have defined all the Routes in the app to execute the same react component (using *-wildcard) when navigating to them.

it seems that the component will only execute once upon navigation.

How can I call an execution/instantiation of the component upon any change in navigation?

this is my Route jsx:

<Route path="/" component={App}>
{<IndexRoute component={TVPage} />}
{<Route path="*" component={TVPage} />}

Answer Source

I assume when you say "the component only executes once" you mean it mounts only once.

Since you didn't show your code, I can only assume you have used one of the lifecycle methods: componentWillMount | componentDidMount

These methods only trigger once on Component mount. Given your Route configuration, whenever you switch to a different URL, since it's using the same component, it will not unmount and mount again (thus your loading logic is only triggered once), but simply re-render if its props have changed. That's why you should plug on a lifecycle method that is triggered on every prop change (like componentWillReceiveProps).

Try this instead:

class TVPage extends Component {

    constructor(props) {

    componentWillMount() {
        // Load your data/state (initial)

    componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps) {
        if (this.props.whatever.myStatus !== nextProps.whatever.myStatus) {
            // Load your data/state (any page change)

    render() {
        // Render whatever you want here

componentWillMount will trigger on mount (initial load), and componentWillReceiveProps will trigger at least every time your props change.

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