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Is there a way to perform compile time type-check in Ruby?

I know Ruby is dynamically and strongly typed, but AFAIK, current syntax doesn't allow checking the type of arguments at compile time due to lack of explicit type notation (or contract) for each argument.

If I want to perform compile-time type check, what (practically matured) options do I have?


What I mean type-check is something like typical statically typed language. Such as C.
For example, C function denotes type of each argument and compiler checks passing-in argument is correct or not.

void func1(struct AAA aaa)
struct BBB bbb;
func1(bbb); // Wrong type. Compile time error.

As an another example, Objective-C does that by putting explicit type information.

- (id)method1:(AAA*)aaa
BBB* bbb = [[AAA alloc] init]; // Though we actually use correctly typed object...
[self method1:bbb]; // Compile time warning or error due to type contract mismatch.

I want something like that.

Update 2

Also, I mean compile-time = before running the script. I don't have better word to describe it…

Answer Source

There was a project for developing a type system, a type inferencer, a type checker and a syntax for type annotations for (a subset of) Ruby, called Diamondback Ruby. It was abandoned 4 years ago, you can find its source on GitHub.

But, basically, that language would no longer be Ruby. If static types are so important to you, you should probably just use a statically typed language such as Haskell, Scala, ML, Agda, Coq, ATS etc. That's what they're here for, after all.

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