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How to use Lisp in Android?

How I can use a Lisp library in Android (Eclipse Java)?

For example I like have a "Intelligent apps" with Lisp.

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You need or common lisp implementation, which can run under android, or some tool to compile common lisp code into JVM Bytecode or native library for android (with NDK). As far as I know, there is no good and free solution for this problem for now.

Clozure Common Lisp can run under android, but you can't really create an application which can be published in play store with it. Or it'll be very difficult. There is even an example for CCL on android.

There is also proprietary Common Lisp implementation from wukix - MOCL, which aims to be able to bring Common Lisp into mobile development world. I had no experience with that, you can give it a try.

As I said, looks like for now there is no easy way to do what you want.

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