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How to install Rodeo IDE in Anaconda python distribution?

I have a 64bit anaconda python distribution version 2.3 with python 3.4.3 installed on windows 7 machine. I searched about installing rodeo on top of this but seems like "conda install rodeo" wont work, so i did "pip install rodeo".

"pip install rodeo" gave me the following message "Successfully installed rodeo".

But when i type rodeo in cmd to start rodeo it is giving an error saying

"failed to create process."

& i am not able to start rodeo.

Please advise.


Answer Source

I think the problem is that you need to make sure you are using pip as seen by Anaconda. To get around this I have an alias set up in my .bash_aliases file (not sure what the equivalent is in windows) to call anaconda's version of pip:

alias pip-ana='/home/usr/anaconda/bin/pip'

That means that I use the command pip-ana to install things to Anaconda's python environment rather than simply pip as that defaults to an alternative python environment. So to solve your problem, make sure you are using the correct pip by calling the executable file from anaconda/bin.

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