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How to integrate pep8.py in Eclipse?

A little background:

  • PEP 8 is the Style Guide for Python Code. It contains the conventions all python programmers should follow.

  • pep8.py is a (very useful) script that checks the code formating of a given python script, according to PEP 8.

  • Eclipse is a great IDE. With the Pydev extension, it that can be used to develop Python

I run pep8.py manually when I'm scripting, but with bigger projects I prefer to use Eclipse.
It would be really useful to integrate pep8.py in Eclipse/Pydev, so it can be run automatically in all the files in the project, and point to the lines containing the warnings.
Maybe there is an obvious way to do it, but I haven't found it yet.

Question is: How to integrate pep8.py in Eclipse?

Answer Source

As of PyDev 2.3.0, pep8 is integrated in PyDev by default, even shipping with a default version of it.

Open Window > Preferences

It must be enabled in PyDev > Editor > Code Analysis > pep8.py

Errors/Warnings should be shown as markers (as other things in the regular code analysis).

In the event a file is not analyzed, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/31001619/832230.

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