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Laravel 4 HybridAuth Yahoo authentication

I'm using HybridAuth 2.1.1-dev for authenticating with Laravel 4.

It works with Google and Facebook but I always get this error with Yahoo:

Undefined index: oauth_token

I registered a project on Yahoo Developer, with options:

  • For getting private user data access

  • APIs for private user data access: Social Directory > Read Public

  • Already verified my domain

  • Already changed in config file:

    "Yahoo" => array("enabled" => true, "keys" => array("key" => "", "secret" => ""))

Answer Source

Finally it worked perfectly, for your information:

In HybridAuth config file, Yahoo configuration should be:

"Yahoo" => array (
    "enabled" => true,
    "keys"    => array ("key"    => "Your application key (Not application ID)",
                        "secret" => "Your application secret")
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