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Angular: Not able to access variables in controller using service

I am trying to share a variable between a controller and a function. But i get an error from the controller, saying this:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'getSet' of undefined

I have gone through numerous tutorials, but don't know where am I going wrong.
My service code is like this:

app.service('shareData', function() {

var selected = ["plz", "print", "something"];

var putSet = function(set) {
selected = set;

var getSet = function() {
return selected;

return {
putSet: putSet,
getSet: getSet

I am able to reach
from my function defined like this:

setDisplay = function($scope, $mdDialog, shareData) {

console.log(shareData.getSet()); // this is working

$scope.selected = shareData.getSet();
$scope.hide = function() {
$scope.cancel = function() {
$scope.answer = function(answer) {

My controller is like this:

app.controller('topicController', ['$scope', '$http', '$mdDialog', 'shareData',
function ($scope, $http, $mdDialog, $mdToast, shareData) {

console.log(shareData.getSet()); // NOT WORKING


Answer Source

You had extra $mdToast in your topicController controller's factory function, you need to remove it.

The reason behind it was not working is, currently you had 4 dependency mentioned in array like '$scope', '$http', '$mdDialog', 'shareData', & then you are using its instance inside the function next to DI array. Inside that function you had actually 5 dependencies where $mdToast extra. So behind the scene what happening is $scope of function hold an value of '$scope' DI array likewise you go right to left. But when it comes to $mdToast(in controller function) it was holding a value of 'shareData'(of DI array) & then the next parameter shareData get nothing.

app.controller('topicController', ['$scope', '$http', '$mdDialog', 'shareData', 
      function ($scope, $http, $mdDialog, shareData) { //<--removed $mdToast

**NOTE: ** You are using DI array inline annotation, so the sequence in which dependency are injected in array, in same sequence you should inject then in underlying factory function.