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Cannot launch AVD in emulator. sh: grep: command not found

In Android Studio, launch AVD Manager, I choose one of my virtual device and click Play button to start it.

Then I get this error message

"Cannot launch AVD in emulator.
sh: file: command not found
sh: grep: command not found
... "

It's fine all the while and I think I mess up with the PATH variable by running the following command.

echo 'export PATH=/Users/xxx/Library/Android/sdk/tools' >> ~/.bash_profile
echo 'export PATH=/Users/xxx/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools' >> ~/.bash_profile

After executing these, I couldn't find simple command like
in Terminal too.
Then I fixed it by running


After that,
etc are working fine again.
I check it in the Terminal windows, it is showing the same error before, running the above command fixed it.

However, when I try to launch AVD, it still failed with the error message above.
Try to restart, invalidate cahce, nothing help.

Answer Source

You are setting your path wrong. In fact you are just replacing it. What you need to do is to add to path. Like this:

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/Users/xxx/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools' >> ~/.bash_profile

Be sure to view ~/.bash_profile in editor and remove previous PATH entries.

Note the added $PATH. This way it takes the previous path and appends the new one.

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