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HTML Question

Remove 'All Files' option from HTML file input

I am using

<input type="file">
to upload audio files.

To do that I am using
. Because of this, the browser's file-select dialog shows only audio files by default. However, there is an option called "All Files" in that dialog box that I don't want.

(note - Any solution in Javascript , jQuery and AngularJs is also welcome)

enter image description here

How can I disable/remove the "All Files" option?

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I believe that this is outside the scope of the browser, and is more up to the OS. However, despite whatever the case is, I don't think that this is something that you should mess with anyway.

accept doesn't have the best support (although might not be an issue), but as you can see here: the shear number of allowed types probably falls outside of the scope of your application anyway. The best thing you should do is perform server side validation, using accept purely as a client indicator.

Also, while it is an older answer, I think it is still relevant and valid: File input 'accept' attribute - is it useful?

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