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AngularJS Question

angularjs dependant dropdown option value

i have successfully set up a dependant dropdown using angularjs, but i have a little problem:

i need to define the value of every option tag because it is set up automatically by angular processor.

here is my html code:

<div ng-controller="CountryCntrl">

<select id="country" ng-model="states" ng-options="country for (country, states) in countries">
<option value=''>Choose</option>

<select id="state" ng-disabled="!states">
<option value="">Choose</option>
<option ng-repeat="state in states" value="{{}}">{{state.dep}}</option>

<input type="submit" value="go">

and here is my angularjs code:

var Aplic = angular.module("Aplic", []);

Aplic.controller('CountryCntrl', function($scope){

$scope.countries = {
'Aquitaine': [ {'id':'22', 'dep': "Dordogne"}, { 'id':'31', 'dep' : "Gironde"} ],
'Auvergne': [ {'id' : '3', 'dep' : "Allier"}, {'id' : '15', 'dep' : "Cantal"} ]


I repeat, i have successfully set up the value for the option in the second dropdown, but for the first one it takes automatically the name of variable country.

so how should i change my code to give every option tag in the first dropdown a specific value.

to understand well my idea, please inspect the values in every dropdown. here is my working snippet on plunker:

any help will be appreciated.

here is what i want to do:

<select id="state" ng-model="cou">
<option value="">Choisir</option>
<option ng-repeat="cou in countries" value="{{}}">{{}}</option>

<select id="state" ng-disabled="!cou">
<option value="">Choisir</option>
<option ng-repeat="state in cou.states" value="{{}}">{{state.dep}}</option>

but now the second dropdown does not work, if you can fiw that the problemwill be solved


Here is sample implementation for you. This will keep values in option tag.

<div ng-app="Aplic" ng-controller="CountryCntrl">
    <select id="country" ng-model="selectedCountry" ng-options=" as for country  in countries track by">
        <option value="">Choose</option>
    <select id="state"
    ng-options=" as state.dep for state in ((countries | filter:{'id':selectedCountry})[0].states) track by">
        <option value="">Choose</option>

    <div>selectedCountry id: {{selectedCountry}}</div>
    <div>selectedState id: {{selectedState}}</div>


 $scope.countries =[
     'id': '1',
      'name': "Aquitaine",
      'states': [{
         'id': '22',
         'dep': "Dordogne"
     }, {
         'id': '31',
         'dep': "Gironde"
     'id': '2',
      'name': "Auvergne",
      'states':  [{
         'id': '3',
         'dep': "Allier"
     }, {
         'id': '15',
         'dep': "Cantal"

Working demo