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Tooltips or status bar not working in a PyQt app from Maya

I've got a PyQt4 QDialog that I'm launching from python in Autodesk Maya. I want to have a status bar in the window or, if need be, tooltips. Maya doesn't seem to approve of either. I've implemented it using the method described here:


If I launch my app standalone, both work correctly. Running from Maya, though, the status updates get sent to the general Maya status bar (which is not very obvious if you're in a different window), and Maya seems to steal the events completely from me: if I monitor the events that my event() method is getting, it never gets a QEvent.StatusTip event. I've tried swapping my QDialog for a QMainWindow, but it doesn't seem to change anything.

Any suggestions for avenues to look down to get this working?

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At the moment, I'm working around this in a horrible way: subclassing each of widgets I want to use, and adding a signal to send to the parent, self.setMouseTracking(True), and a mouseMoveEvent(self, e) that sends the signal to the parent. Then at the top of the tree I set the status bar. It's the sort of nasty code that makes me feel dirty, subclassing all the widget types, but it does seem to be working. Any better suggestions VERY gratefully received!

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