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How to export library to Jar in Android Studio?

I have downloaded some library sources and would like to export it as a Jar file using
Android Studio. Is there a way to export to jar file using Android studio ?


The library I want to export as jar is an Android library.
It's called "StandOut" and can be downloaded from GitHub.

Answer Source

It is not possible to export an Android library as a jar file. It is possible, however, to export it as aar file. Aar files being the new binary format for Android libraries. There's info about them in Google I/O, the New Build System video.

First, build the library in Android Studio or from command line issuing gradle build from your library's root directory.

This will result in <yourlibroot>/libs/build/yourlib.aar file.

This aar file is a binary representation of your library and can be added to your project instead of the library as a dependency project.

To add aar file as a dependency you have to publish it to the maven central or to your local maven repository, and then refer the aar file in your project's file.

However, this step is a bit convoluted. I've found a good explanation how to do so here:

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