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Python Question

How can i simplify this condition in python?

Do you know a simpler way to achieve the same result as this?:
I have this code:

color1 = input("Color 1: ")
color2 = input("Color 2: ")

if ((color1=="blue" and color2=="yellow") or (color1=="yellow" and color2=="blue")):
print("{0} + {1} = Green".format(color1, color2))

I also tried with this:

if (color1 + color2 =="blueyellow" or color1 + color2 =="yellowblue")

Answer Source

You can use sets for comparison.

Two sets are equal if and only if every element of each set is contained in the other

In [35]: color1 = "blue"

In [36]: color2 = "yellow"

In [37]: {color1, color2} == {"blue", "yellow"}
Out[37]: True

In [38]: {color2, color1} == {"blue", "yellow"}
Out[38]: True
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