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How to use own created Automation Interface for CATIA V5 with Python?

I created own Automation Interface for CATIA V5. My interface implements one CAA interface.
Here is the example implementation of SetComment method. CAAInterface is a fake name

// MyXYZClass : SetComment
HRESULT MyXYZClass::SetComment( CATISpecObject_var ispObject, const
CATBSTR &irComment )
CAAInterface_var spInfo = ispObject;
if( !!spInfo )
CATUnicodeString commentToSet;
commentToSet.BuildFromBSTR( irComment );
spInfo->SetComment( commentToSet );
return S_OK;

I tested that with CATScript inside of my CATIA Environment:

Sub CATMain()
' retrieve ASMPRODUCT of Part or Product
Dim myPrd As Product
Set myPrd = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Product
' Retrieve My Factory of Document
Dim myFact As MyFactoryVB
Set myFact = myPrd
' Retrieve Object as part
Dim myObject As AnyObject
Set myObject = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Part
' SetComment
myFact.SetComment myObject, "comment"

And it worked perfectly.
Corresponding CATIA document
enter image description here

Additionally I created Visual Studio VB project, added reference->COM->Type Libraries (my CATIA V5 MyXYZAutInterf. If CATIA is running, I can see it).

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Imports MyXYZAutInterf
Imports MECMOD
Imports ProductStructureTypeLib
' attach catia
Sub Main()
' retrieve ASMPRODUCT of Part or Product
Dim product As Product
product = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Product
' Retrieve My Factory of Document
Dim myFact As MyFactoryVB
myFact = product
' Retrieve Object as part
Dim part1 As Part
part1 = CATIA.ActiveDocument.Part
' Find object by Name
Dim myObject As AnyObject
myObject = part1.FindObjectByName("Pad.1")
' SetComment
myFact.SetComment(myObject, "comment")
End Sub

And it worked perfectly too.

Now I want use my automation interface with Python

# First I generated wrapper code for my type library
import sys
if not hasattr(sys, "frozen"):
from comtypes.client import GetModule

#load my module
from comtypes.gen import MyXYZAutInterf as myModul
# myModul -> MyFactoryVB -- <unbound method MyFactoryVB.SetComment>

# Connecting to windows COM
catapp = win32com.client.Dispatch("CATIA.Application")
documents1 = catapp.Documents
partDocument1 = documents1.Item("Part.CATPart")
part1 = partDocument1.Part
bodies1 = part1.Bodies
body1 = bodies1.Item("PartBody")
shapes1 = body1.Shapes
shape1 = shapes1.Item("Pad.1")

myFact = myModul.MyFactoryVB()
# now I can see all my implemented methods under _methods_

But now I am not able to use myFact.
If I do:

myFact.SetComment(shape1, "comment")

I get error: Expected a COM this pointer as first argument.
I should to assign myFact to product (like CATScript):

product1 = catapp.ActiveDocument.Product
myFact = product1

But I get error too: unknown.SetComment.
I'm realy frustrated. Can somebody help me, please?

Vio Vio
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I fixed it. I used GetCustomerFactory("ALIAS_NAME")

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