Khalil ChadViper Martin Khalil ChadViper Martin - 1 year ago 75
PHP Question

Button not doing anything on click. How come?

echo "<tr><td colspan ='2'><center><input type='submit' value='Reply' onClick = " = 'post_reply.php?cid=".$cid." &tid =".$tid."' /">";

Button does nothing.Can someone help fix.

Answer Source

Your strings are quoted wrong, your second double quote after on click = terminates the string, I havent tested my soloution but you need something like (below)

You need to escape double qoutes if it is literally part of the string

echo "<tr><td colspan ='2'><center><input type='submit' value='Reply' onClick='\"post_reply.php?cid=$cid&tid=$tid\")' />";
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