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Javascript Question

How to simplify conditional array value addition

Here is the code:

const presets = (buildType === "___PROD___") ?
[ "react",
{ "modules" : false }
] : [

As can be see, the values of
are being repeated. Is it possible to not have this repetition in the ternary operator?


Answer Source

How about using the spread syntax?

var standardPresets = ['react','es2015'];
const presets = cond ? [ ...standardPresets , {modules: false} ] : [ ...standardPresets ];

Does you have to use a ternary if? Could you just .push into the array when that condition is met?

const standardPresets = ['react','es2015'];
if(cond){ standardPresets.push({modules: false}); }

Personally, I don't think the repetition is too awful as it is.

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