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Javascript Question

Do I need to put createUser code in a meteor method?

I'm writing a meteor app and working on my user registration template.

Currently I have the following code, imported on the client:

'submit form': function(event){
let username = $('[id=input-username').val();
let email = $('[id=input-email]').val();
let password = $('[id=input-password]').val();
username: username,
email: email,
password: password
}, function(error){
Bert.alert( "That username or email is either taken or invalid. Try again.", 'danger', 'growl-top-right' );
// console.log(error.reason);
else {

My question is, is it ok to have the Accounts.createUser code on the client or do I need to call this from a meteor method imported on the server? In my head I'm thinking a user can register as many times as they like with different emails / usernames therefore what's the harm in having the code on the client vs making a call to the server.

Thoughts welcome.


CreateUser is designed to be used from the client. It handles the encryption of the password before it is sent to the server.