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CSS: IE 9 hack for margin-left? \9; has no effect

I have an element that currently has

margin-left: -110px
of course, this works with my design in all browsers except IE. With IE I need to make it
margin-left: 10px

Normally, I would do my IE hacks by adding
, such as:

margin-left: 10px\9;

but it doesnt seem to work with margins. Does anyone know a way to acheive this? Many thanks!

<div id="nav">
<li id="newstab">News</li>
<li id="offerstab">Offers</li>
<li id="specialsstab">Specials</li>

#nav {
margin-left: -110px;
margin-left: 10px\9;
margin-top: 160px;
-o-transform: rotate(90deg);

Answer Source

Found it was


IE didnt like.

This site was useful:

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