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C++ Question

Why is the Console Closing after I've included cin.get()?

I've just started learning C++ using C++ Primer Plus but I'm having trouble with one of the examples. Like the book instructed I included

at the end to prevent the console from closing by itself. However, in this instance it still closes by itself unless I add two
statements which I don't understand. I'm using Visual Studio Express 2010.

#include <iostream>

int main()
int carrots;

using namespace std;
cout << "How many carrots do you have?" << endl;
cin >> carrots;
carrots = carrots + 2;
cout << "Here are two more. Now you have " << carrots << " carrots.";
return 0;

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Answer Source
cin >> carrots;

This line leaves a trailing newline token in the input stream, which then gets consumed by the next cin.get(). Just do a simple cin.ignore() directly before that:

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