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kafka-node start consume from last offset

I'm using kafka-node to consume messages from a specific Kafka topic. When I restart my node server, it init my consumer as expected, but it's default behavior is to start consume from offset 0 while my goal is to receive only new messages (aka start consume from current offset). I didn't find a way to achieve that from the API documentation. Anyone knows if its supported?


Answer Source

I asked this question in kafka-node github issues (link) and got an answer. It is now available (from v0.4.0). The following snippet worked for me:

consumerClient = new kafka.Client('localhost:2181');

/* Print latest offset. */
var offset = new kafka.Offset(consumerClient);

offset.fetch([{ topic: 'myTopic', partition: 0, time: -1 }], function (err, data) {
        var latestOffset = data['myTopic']['0'][0];
        console.log("Consumer current offset: " + latestOffset);

var consumer = new kafka.HighLevelConsumer(
            { topic: 'myTopic', partition: 0, fromOffset: -1 }
            autoCommit: false


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