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SpringMVC RequestMapping for GET parameters

How to make the RequestMapping to handle GET parameters in the url?
For example i have this url


(from jqGrid)

how should my RequestMapping look like? I want to get the parameters using HttpReqest

Tried this:

public @ResponseBody GridModel getUsersForGrid(HttpServletRequest request)

but it doesn't work.

Answer Source

Use @RequestParam in your method arguments so Spring can bind them, also use the @RequestMapping.params array to narrow the method that will be used by spring. Sample code:

params = {"_search", "nd", "rows", "page", "sidx", "sort"})
public @ResponseBody GridModel getUsersForGrid(
@RequestParam(value = "_search") String search, 
@RequestParam(value = "nd") int nd, 
@RequestParam(value = "rows") int rows, 
@RequestParam(value = "page") int page, 
@RequestParam(value = "sidx") int sidx, 
@RequestParam(value = "sort") Sort sort) {
// Stuff here

This way Spring will only execute this method if ALL PARAMETERS are present saving you from null checking and related stuff.

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